Dadmother - v i r u s (demo/WIP) (trap?/electronic)

Another fun track I’m working on that I want to incorporate into a concept album.

The idea is about a kid who’s playing a computer game back in the early days of computer gaming (so it’s a fairly new concept at the time/playing on a new family computer, etc.), and the game music is playing and being all cute and nice and stuff, but then the computer starts to act strange, glitches out, and does a weird system shut down. It reboots, and the game title screen immediately pops up, but it’s warped and scary. The music is all messed up and jumbled, and the world around him begins to glitch and disintegrate/morph into this terrifying digital world, and the kid has to make it through this game and find a way to reboot this “world” or he will be stuck/will die there.

Or something like that.

This track introduces the whole idea. Nowhere near finished, but it’s a start! Open to all feedback, criticism, comments, trolling, violent hatred, general disdain, namecalling, retorts, rebuttals, and verbal assaults!

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Aw yeah! This is my type of track! I love video games, and I love music, and I especially love video game music😄. The song sounded amazing! I felt like I was starting up on the first world of a retro game, and you did an amazing job at making it sound like it got hacked! I don’t think I have any feedback, insults, name calling, or verbal assaults, just a few things I liked that I’ll point out.

  1. I really liked the vibe it gave. This song felt like it was telling a story, which is what every song should do.

  2. I really enjoyed how you introduced each instrument at the beginning, it flowed together really well.

  3. I really loved how you used the game waves pack. I’ve always tried to use it in my projects, but I can’t ever make anything as good as that!

  4. I loved all of the effects you used to make it sound like an 8bit game. Using sweeper and other instruments for the transitions sounded just like a video game. (I know I’ve said that a lot, but you really did a great job on it) That really made your project unique.

I think the only piece of advice I would give is to maybe make a second melody for the first drop (when the game gets hacked). It sounded a little jumbled up and I didn’t really think it fit with the (awesome) rhythmic drums, but that was probably by design.

You did an amazing job on this track, and I can’t wait to hear the finished version!

Sincerely, Jax