Dadmother - [«•»] (post-rock/post-metal/something)

New tune in the works! Just a working title for right now. Worked some art for it as well!


Great work. Not my genre, but clearly some really strong work in there.

The guitars, for the most part, are flawless. Fantastic.
The flamming on the snares as you pick up energy into the chorus is a great touch. Very effective.

V cool to hear a song structure, and v cool to hear a pre-chorus that switches up the key. :+1:

One piece of criticism or feedback I have is that the chorus struggles a bit - mainly because everything up to that point feels convincing, but the rock chords in the chorus don’t sound convincing to me, and that breaks the spell, imo.

The only other thing is that it feels like the drums in the chorus could be a more interesting pattern, rather than the standard 1, 9, 11 for the kicks. The drums up that point felt spot on, yet the chorus drums felt underwhelming.
I’d keep it double-time (although it feels more like single-time, with the verses and pre-chorus being half-time), just have a more interesting pattern - ideally one that more aware of where the rhythm accents are.

Otherwise, an impressive piece. :+1:

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Dadmo you already got my take on this, it’s great, but like I said I do feel like Auxy is holding you back :frowning: some good sample libraries or actual guitar playing would bring this to the next level.

I love your work, and what you’ve managed to wrangle out of the app is nothing short of inspiring believe me, but you’re maxing it out… it’s becoming a bit of an archilles heel


Held Back On Rock Gang rise up :pensive::fist:

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