Dadmother - Glitterkvlt (uplifting blackgaze/post-black metal?)


I’ve been working on a shimmery, swell-y, uplifting electronic atmospheric black metal/blackgaze track that’s been a real treat to make. I have yet to do any real work/transitioning on the beginning section, and the track ends somewhat abruptly as I haven’t completed the next section, BUT I hope you enjoy this bit!


*would recommend headphones or speakers


Nice chords and melody!


I can’t like it though because it’s private


You are blazing a trail. A trail of awesomeness.




Thank you, bud! I appreciate the kind words :slight_smile:


Thank you!


Thraaaaaash. Meant to peep this earlier and then real life happened and then the thread got buried :frowning: this is awesome. Awesome vibe at ~1:40 tom fills on point. Really is like electronic metal haha, really quite nice to hear Auxy not being a future bass generator haha


I dig it, that up tempo vibe gives it a dragon force kind of feel. :+1:t2:


Ayyyeee, thank you so much, friend! I’ve really been enjoying making these alternative jams, and I genuinely appreciate the kind words :heart:


Oooooo, really cool comparison. I haven’t listened to DragonForce in YEARS. Since high school, maybe? Thanks for the feedback and kind words :blush:


Of course :+1:t2:
Dragon force wasn’t anything I listened to much (it was a little soft for me) but them fellas could definitely shred in a studio.
Wonder ever happened to those guys?


I hear you on that, friend. Some of their stuff was cool, but they were a little soft for me as well. Your name “Devoid-of-joy” sounds like something a doom/chaotic hardcore/grind band would use as an album title. I’m into it :ok_hand:


My guilty pleasures were very much grindcore, deathgrind, cybergrind, and death industrial ( and slayer, I know it’s not a genre but the greatest all around metal band ever to exist gets its own listing.)
I always find it funny, I’m a pacifist and pretty calm and quiet but extreme violent noisy metal is what keeps me relaxed :grin:


I feel like a lot of people think “heavy music = angry people”.


Was this made with auxy


This was made fully with Auxy, yes :slight_smile:


I dont even like rock/metal but this is just downright epic man.


Dang, thank you so much :pray: