Dadmother - 3 AM [chill]

Just finished up this chilled out track. Feels like a good “walk around your neighborhood before sunrise” kind of track. Hope you dig it!


Super chill, gots boards of Canada kind of vibe. :+1:t2:

DANG, thank you so much, friend! Glad you enjoyed it! :heart:

Also, being compared to Boards of Canada got me BLUSHIN’

Well I’m glad to rose up some cheeks for ya, ya earned it, that BOC sound, like the subtle lil’ brother to squarepusher, autechre, aphex twin glitch stuff isn’t easy at all.

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Noice! I’m feeling the vibes, good job.

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Thanks friend!

I listened to this before . . . so relaxing :ocean: :ocean: :ocean:

imagine a scene where a protagonist walking down the street late at night … contemplating, meditating, and just friggin enjoying the walk… got a sheet ton of wisdom and realizations from the dearest universe … WITH this score … oh wait you said it haha

well played brotha! :ocean::ocean::ocean:

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Thank you so much, man!

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