Dadmother - 3 AM (chill WIP)

Just started working on this. Chill with a lot of ambience, and overall very relaxing to make thus far! This is in no way near a finished product and serves to display the musical and structural ideas for the track as of now. Feedback is welcome!
*Edit: updated with some minor leveling/automation changes


Nice, diggin the vibe so far, very laid back. Would like to hear maybe a filtered square lead over the top? Nice guitars toward the end!

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Thanks, bud! I appreciate them dang ol’ kind words. I’ll admit, I’m pretty ignorant to lead shape jargon (square, triangle, sawtooth etc.), but I plan on educating myself on the subject :grimacing: I understand the shapes themselves as waveforms, but I guess I’ve never thought about how they SOUND.

sine is very thin (the old tv sound bleep/emergency broadcast sound), saw is very buzzy, and square is bright and video-game-y

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Droppin’ knowledge :raised_hands:

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