D-Nasty - oli4-8



Like it. Gritty, synthetic techno with a bit of bounce. Fresh for this place.
An interesting, albeit minimalist, track – a heavy, gritty synth layer underneath, which a bright melody and busy snares/claps.

I can imagine this being performed live with hardware synths, with loads of knob twiddling.

I like the drums*, especially the snare and clap patterns. (:+1: :+1: for not sticking snares/claps on the 5 and 13.)

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Starts off great, putting a dirty, unashamedly electronic vibe as the foundation for the track.

I like that first kick. It’s a little dirty, with a little bit of rattle/rumble in it. Perfect.

Perhaps because of this set-up, the kick that comes in at ~0:15 feels too open, with too much click, too ‘standard’, too ‘EDM’. To my ears, it doesn’t feel like the kind of track that stacks kicks, unless it’s about adding in sub/punch.

When I first heard the flute-y melody come in, I wasn’t sure if it killed the mood. It was unexpectedly ‘bright’, but a few listens in and I’m warming to it. Makes the track more ‘accessible’ to the average listener (which I’m not 100% sure is a good thing).

Similarly, I can’t help wishing you’d done more sound design on the use of Hour. The core of the track is built on a style of synth that’s rare amongst Auxy users/music. So, when Hour comes in, largely untweaked, I was a little disappointed, tbh.
(It’s just a sensitivity that I’ve developed. When I hear a stock Auxy sound, particularly the very recognisable ones, used without much layering or twiddling, it actually diminishes the track, for me. But, maybe that’s just me.)

Still, as said, there’s a lot to like about this track. Good stuff. :slight_smile:

Hi @akabillposters,

Your analyse is always so well done, indeed I was working already on a V2 without hour in it and less kick :grinning:
I am going to post it today and then you will tell me if it is going same direction you would have think too :smirk:
Thanks a lot for your great feedbcks!

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here version 2
D-Nasty V2