Cyclone - Sapφire

Hi, I’ve been using Auxy for about three years now, and this is my first track as sapφire. I hope you like it. Feedback is welcome!!! :grinning:

Sapφire - Cyclone

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Pretty neat. I normally don’t listen to stuff with no genre tag but your three years experience caught my eye. Future bass isn’t my bag at all, but this is well done. I do not like the squishy wub sound, it first pops up at like 1:49. I don’t know if maybe the automation curve is just too short? It’s not doing it for me.

But. Like I said this kind of stuff isn’t really in my wheelhouse. Overall though I think it’s well done :slight_smile: and welcome!

Thanks for the feedback!

It’s good. I enjoyed your use of jewel

Thanks! :grinning: