Cyclone - Remix Contest [Deadline has passed]

So, the deadline is over… If you want to, you can still remix the track, and I’ll put it in the album.

Hi everyone! :wave:t3: Sapphire here. :upside_down_face:

I know a lot of people have made a remix contest… But I like those contests, and I really wanted to host one myself.

In this contest you guys have to make a remix of my first song on SoundCloud. It’s called Cyclone. Upload the song to SoundCloud and I’ll post every remix in an album on SoundCloud.

So, here are the rules:

  • Make a remix of my song Cyclone
  • Post it on SoundCloud with the title: Sapφire - Cyclone (“Your Name” Remix)
  • Use this cover art:

I’ll put your name in it if you enter. If you want to have your logo in it, DM me your logo and I’ll put it in.

  • You can make the track however you want. Feel free to change the tempo, key, swing etc. You can also use non-Auxy programs. The only thing that matters is that the original track can be recognised in the remix.

The track will be judged on:

  • Have you given the track a new sound?
  • Is the original track still recognisable?
  • Is the track good? (Thisone is completely my opinion)
  • All participants can vote for the track of another participant (not themselves). I’ll take those votes to judge who is going to be the winner. I’ll make a poll later.

The winner’s track will be reposted by me and I’ll listen to and like your five latest tracks.

If your track is finished, post the link to the track (on SoundCloud) in this topic.

The deadline is August 24 at 18:00/6 p.m. GMT+00:00. The album will probably be released the next day.

Let me know (@mention me in this topic) if you want to enter, then I’ll DM you the project link.

Click here for the original track.

Note: There have to be at least 3 participants to make an album. If there are less then 3, there will still be a winner!

Good luck!


Lez do it

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If you don’t really know how to make a nice remix. @Produk made a topic about how to make a remix once… It really helped me when I made a remix. You should check it out! :grin:

Click there > Steps to remixing


Nice! I’ll DM you the link!


Im in! I really like the track!

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Alright, I’ll send you the link.

Im in!

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Great! I’ll send the link!

I’ll give it a try, this track is really good.

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Aye this is nice I’m in could I get the p file

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@One @DParker I’ll send you the link.

i’d like to try

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@anon40211422 I actually recently released a track called Cyclone, not knowing you had this, and I’ve gotta say yours is way better… sorry :upside_down_face: good luck with the competition

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I’ll send you the link!

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Haha no problem :rofl:, thanks.

@anon40211422 yes

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Nice! I’ll send the link!

I forgot to mention this ^. Just added it in the description.

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@AnirudhKhanna @Osharu @Cornea @One @DParker @facade @Aviomusic

How are things going whith your remixes? Don’t forget to post it before the 24th!!!


Still working on it!

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