Cut down by indifference - Devoid of Joy (industrial noise journey)

A call back to my old way of making tunes. Highly repetitive and Not long enough in my opinion.


This is truly inspired. On first listen, around 4:25 I was hoping/expecting to get blasted by a recapitulation which didn’t happen, so I completely agree – it’s not long enough.

The orthogonal/noisy horns that come in are what should be a relief from the intensity of the first part, but they manage to up the intensity, albeit in a different way.

I rarely have music stick in my head after the first listen, but this track did and I’ve come back to it a couple times already. Excellent work!

Yeah, I kind of wanted to drag this guy out, maybe a 15 to 20 minute track, but for the average listener that’s a bit lengthy, but I think I’m going to do an extended version and throw it on YouTube or something.
I’m interested to see how many directions I can take it. Until listening to it a few time in it’s current state to completion I hadn’t realized how absurdly heavy it was.

As a matter of trying to set goals (which I only usually allow my self one goal a year) I’m going to attempt to make an ep. that’s 5 or 5 tracks all ranging in the realm of 10 to 20 min tracks and throw it up everywhere. Just to put a fingerprint in society outside of SoundCloud.

I’d be interested to hear an extended version. Do you mind if I throw a bit of this as it stands into a 4-second loop, as part of a larger analog-input soup (since it’s nominally 60bpm)?

I beamed a dozen or so of my tracks out into the world beyond Soundcloud (e.g., Spotify, itunes), starting with my weirdest/darkest one. I even saw an astounding $0.18 in revenue last year! Society needs more flavors of weirdness. Let me know if you do put anything out there, and I’ll get a recording of one of my kids saying “Alexa, play tracks by Devoid of Joy” – Alexa has problems understanding “wagneric” sadly.

Here’s the project file, moneys nice but I’m not sure anything I’ve made has any real value at this point.

Without getting into a long rant on fiat currency and the futility of the ephemeral coping algorithm that is ego, your work has a great deal of real value, and thanks a ton for the project link. I’m about 6 hours from having an iPad again, after a month of analog, so I have a lot of digital unclogging to do. A direct remix of this track may be part of that, if you have no objections.

I couldn’t help myself. Let’s call it Apocalyptic Chill – some easy listening to chill with while watching the next global cataclysm. It’s more repetitive than the original, and could use more variety in what I added, but I managed to highlight the harmonies I hear in it intrinsically. You do incredible things with automation.



So I finally got a chance to give it a good listen. Ya definitely smoothed out the some of the harshness with the cellos and tubas, probably makes it a little more listener friendly (I’m bad about not really think about that) definitely sounds more robust like it’s got a chorus pedal now.
I might throw into garage band and maybe lengthen it with some analogs.

I’ll be curious to hear any future development you do with this.

I went to play with the Fried Risers pack yesterday (reversing all the samples again) and found myself back at 120bpm making something from the same apocalyptic/industrial chill universe… not sure where or if it will end up.