Custom Sounds (Melodic, Drum, project and/or sample downloads)


has lots of vocal chop based instruments
random honestly

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Already on it, I can make a sample pack if y’all want, Cymatics is really good for sounds to use

Alright, so the loops are all currently being used but the instruments are royalty free
SØULS Melodic Sampler pack includes a few basses, Synths, Pads and one Pluck.
I hope you enjoy

GAMR’s Vocal Samples

These Samples are created with the in-app voice chops!

Grit Zone: A pack full of Gritty leads, synths, plucks, pads, and basses, perfect for abstract hyperpop.

Do you need your music to be a little bit more Gritty? This pack is for you.
11 melodic instruments and 1 Drum kit in this pack:

Pan: Using a melodic sampler, this is a piece of percussion tuned to make for an awesome pluck.

Icy: Boom Bass isn’t quite as special anymore, this is a tuned kick drum, great for your next sub-bassline.

Dank: A tuned snare, which is good for a dark melody.

Scary: A scary pad great in the background of a trap song.

Qool: Another tuned percussion with a longer release, which adds to its awesomeness for EDM music.

Screw: This pluck has a lot of extra noise at the end, so it’s trickier to use. Reserved for pro sequencers.

Pepper: A strong lead with a good decay. Also great for basslines.

Sphere: A round pad, especially the HiLo loop is turned on.

Lights: Has chorus on it, which makes for a good sounding chord instrument in any genre.

Shuffle: A synth that I don’t know what to say about it.

Nickels: A neat pluck that can remind someone of coins falling if used at a high pitch.

Iincredi: Meant for hyperpop, this kit is great for future Bass and Dubstep, writhing strong snares and booming kicks.

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Boom Bass 2: 10 new basses made from tuned kicks, just like the original 7 by Black Octopus.

This works great as a bass extension for my last pack.

well i made a melodic sampler pack in auxy

This took me over an hour, partially because I was playing video games, feel free to do what ever you want with it, please give at least a little bit of credit saying that you used my sound pack, and without further ado the link:

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Dude that Hyperion lead is an absolute banger!!! One of the best leads I’ve heard in a long time!!

Dubstep drums Kit


You mind if I use this?

Just a couple sound packs I made:

Alot of R I F F Sounds:

Can We Stop With The R I F F Sounds?:

(Note: May you please not use any of the loops I have implemented into my packs unless you have my permission.)

I got a Stockton kit

A collection of fuzzy, muffled leads, keys, synths, and basses.

Note: All sounds and loops are completely free to use.

Made a pack using the demo sounds, the outcome is unexpected.

Here are some random sounds for anyone who is interested;

I noticed funky and trip both use “bee” but why are the tweaks calling it “asidrance”? even mascara (hunk) is named “ghidorah”

I used someone else sound pack and heavily modified it. Sorry if that was bad or rude. I just needed some different sounds to work with other than the regular ones.