CUSTOM SOUNDS challenge! [User sound submissions needed!]


So I had an idea for a challenge that we could use to sort of revive our community here. Custom sounds have been all over their respective thread, and NotMiles has even made some ventures into the Auxy news feed.

A lot of these sounds are really cool, but a bit subjective at times. That’s why I want to make a challenge where you take select groups of sounds and make a song out of them with minimal tweaks!

The idea is I compile a list of maybe 15 custom melodic sounds and 2-3 custom drum kits made by people all throughout the community, and Beat The Clock style, you have a week to put together a track with them. The rules would be relatively simple, and I’ll flesh this out if I get enough people.

If you’re interested in having your sounds used for this challenge, let me know over Discord (BobTheGUYYYYY#9265) or DM me right here in this server. Make sure to send me a project link with some options of which sounds to use. I’m not taking anyone’s sounds without permission, so I need your guys’ help to get this challenge off the ground.

All right, see y’all later. Let me know what you think.


Seems totaly awesome.
Maybe a little more time until the deadline? There probably will be one entry.

By the way, this sounds fun. Can I put in multiple entries?

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