Custom emojis? :_happybear:

I’ve seen a few people do it, like adding the spotify logo to the end of a title, or others’ logos. How? I’ve figured out you look in the disco emojis and scroll to the bottom where it says “custom emojis”; but how do you upload you own? If you can’t, why are there logos of random users on there?


I believe it’s just @MisterMaster adding peoples logos as emojis. Not sure how he picks the “winners” tho, lol

Unless there is a way, but I don’t think so

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A few of them have been Forum Members of the Week

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A couple weeks ago in the “new colored theme” thread I discovered MisterMaster’s secret emoji, :janitor:. He DMed me a couple minutes later asking me to check the emojis and I found :sb: and I was like, oh cool yay. Then he added :notmiles: and :andrew_adams: and :tornaitj:, etc.

:spotify: and :soundcloud: have been here for a long time though. Along with :_bigsmile:, :_smile:, and some others.

I think he just chooses people who have been active in the community/forum members of the week. You can’t add them yourself.


aaaand all of these


Surprised to see @blakkaz’s old icon as an emoji up there despite him now having a blank icon xD

I think you should just be able to do :person’sUsername: and their pfp would become an emoji


that would be cool but i doubt it’ll become a discourse feature

May I have a coustom logo?

Emoji have been added for some members who (a) frequent the forum and (b) have a profile pic that remains recognisable once it scales down to emoji size. It’s nice to recognise the frequent forum members in our community.

Most profile pics don’t work as emoji. eg: Thin lines, thin fonts, similar colours and cluttered pics don’t scale down well. That’s why some people have been added and others not. For example, FLB100, Polar, Produk & Austin’s current pics didn’t scale well. And Graye yours won’t work either.

For a limited time (End of May), I’m happy to create emoji for “regular” forum users who post a suitable pic here. But, you need to ensure it shrinks down to emoji size and remains recognisable, because it’s too much effort to test multiple images per person. It should be your producer logo, not just a picture or meme etc. The images also need to be square or they can look stretched.

Obviously, anyone spamming the emoji’s will lose theirs. Which has already happened.

MM :janitor:


Hmm… I’ll definitely try to recreate my logo for that. Having my own emoji would be great lol.

Oh okay, cool.

I have a logo that’s probably suitable to become an emoji. Do I just upload it here?

MM Note: Done. Blue and black not the clearest when so small. You may need to hit refresh.

Azure: will do. I have an transparent version of this, maybe that would work?

So your saying I can’t make my profile pic a nice large kappa for everyone to use?

Your pic looks like a pool of vom. LOL.

Your duck logo is the obvious candidate, but the lines are pretty thin and may become invisible.

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Thin lines don’t work well. Thicker lines would work better.

Can’t upload PNGs… great
I was hoping to have a white version of my logo

Thin Lines FTW

RIP, the files for my logo were on my old phone. Maybe it’s time for a rebranding :confused:
I can probably change the background if that’s the issue though.

Can you try setting it as your actual profile pic. I can use a PNG for that, but not sure if everyone can.