Custom Drum Preset Pack - FREE {Future Bass, Trap, Dubstep, etc.} by HYDRANS

Hello all,
I have made a custom drum pack with 5 select drum sets useful in multiple genres that you can use freely in your music. Feel free to use any of the kits or the loops in your tracks! Let me know if you use any :wink: Again, just to clarify, they are FREE. :sunglasses:

Here are the specific drumsets (keep in mind they can be used for any genre, these are just what I made them for)

  1. chalice - future bass, trap
  2. grime - trap, trapstep, future bass
  3. creature - dubstep, trap, drumstep
  4. release - future bass, trap
  5. hazard - dubstep, trap, trapstep, future bass


Anyway, just a cool idea! Hope it’s helpful! Let me know if I should make another.


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