Cursed [Drop chain, Collab? project]

Hey guys,
Im trying to make the dumbest drop chain ever and I need as many people to add a drop to this project. Like, as many people as possible. ANY GENRE OF DROP AND ANY STYLE!

Heres the Project:


  • A buildup and a Drop (add melodies if you want!)
  • As many Genres as possible! (Future Bass, Trap, Brostep, House, Jungle, etc.)
  • Dont edit other drops, tempo or tone (can edit my buildup tho)
  • Upload your edit, add your name to the Project AND to your Scenes

Ill upload the final product, with everyones name. This is just for fun so dont stress on it if its not 100% work! I really just want to stupidest drop chain ever. I hope like 3 people get on board this :))

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I would like to add a drum and bass drop, but it’s not the right bpm…

improvise, try it in triplets to see if it matched a d&b tempo

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wait how is this going to work if there are numerous people working on this one project at once

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Jk you don’t have to change the bpm just for me :wink:

Actually yeah I think people would prefer a project around 170-80, will suit more genres

More like 140-160 I think, you can almost do everything with it

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Hey guys, yall can decide who goes first. I guess you can try reusing the buildup and work from there? If not then, yeah sure change the bpm until something works. As stupid as it gets! :))


Oh yeah, i guess you have to upload your project here like an update. I think.

Any updates to the original project file? I’d be stoked to add a dumb drop :crazy_face:

If you want to, no official starts yet. Experiment with the bpm if youd like to

I’d go with this

I’d probably add my signature funky hyper sound to it

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I wana hear it!

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