Cursed @ Curtain Call 2020 [SG Boogie]

Hey everyone!

Its been one heck of a week for me, First 3 performances, Final School Days, Coronavirus… Im exhausted from the Production but I Finally had the time to upload the full mix for the show I did! Sorry I couldn’t get any footage from the show, its school property. This is the best I can do for now.

(Tracklist in Descriptions)



So whats SG Boogie? I made it up 'cause im not sure what Genre any of my songs belong to, its usually 110bpm and super simplistic leads and chords, and you could just Boogie to it, Im from Singapore (give my country some identity in Dance Music, i guess) so… SG Boogie ! :D) I really hope it catches on, if not then I guess Downtempo, Slow House?

Also be really cool if yall give it a testrun, the clicks and shakers and all hahah! Love yall


This is excellent! Congrats.

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Thank you ! :))

great job!! Im really into your production!

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That means a lot ! Thank you so much

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