Cursed - cat (forehead view)

I made this just now


I really like this for some reason—it’s a funky track but really has some groove. I like the percussion elements and the panning of the pads at the beginning and end especially. I think adding a little “meow” sample before the first drop would make it even better…

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Can I remix it next week?

love it! There are a few parts with your arpeggio though that are out of key in the begging…but other than that its great!

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Thank you! I really didnt think anyone would notice the meow sample at all. The buildup did feel a little empty, but i just jammed on this, for fun :))

@ITJ sure! just send me a dm when you want the project file

@AMA Thanks for the feedback! I did it intentionally, i wanted the arps to be a little unsettling as opposed to the vibe of the chords, inspired by the schrodingers cat theory

Thanks guys :))

Imma wait for 1W so I can remix the project. If it’s impossible, I’m bailing it for another project of his. If it’s possible, I’ll do it.

Oh man! You took me on a journey there!! So good! I felt like I was offered a guided tour by your cat showing me places they went for adventures at night! :scream:

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That’s his cat from discord.

His discord pfp. I’m not kidding, ask him in a PM.

I’m on discord too lol what’s your user name there?

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I don’t use discord.

I even did a drawing of his homemade burgers on discord :smiley:

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okay? that’s cool.

Thank you so much! Im so happy that it brings out imagination, thats the goal! and thank u for the burger fan art :))


what kind of remix bruh, ill send it 2 u if you want ;))

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Like a future bounce remix with @Assasinerd.

Yo what the heck?

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Your the master of future bounce. So you gotta do it.

Do what? I was brought up outta nowhere I don’t even know what the track sounds like

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Well, tap the link for yourself. If it’s trash, i need to find someone that still does future bounce.