Cursed auxy images

post cursed auxy images here
for example
notes outside the grid
any weird glitches you can find
this is an ongoing thread
so you’re never too late :hugs:

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this is just plain me seeing how far I can scroll and screenshot


and this is on iphone 13 pro max what

I’m jealous of everyone enjoying more sounds and people like us have to just wait until a time where we can actually get pro

here’s a challenge for my followers or smthn, what song has these chords?

how am i supposed to know what key it’s in? that same chord progression is like used in a bajillion songs

Lots of unused loops

There is know way of knowing what song had those chords since we dont know what key it is in and since we don’t know what key it’s in the only way to know would be to turn in chromatic which is also off

We get the point ok so pls stop complaining and find a solution

somehow i see lots of people that have loads of unused loops in their songs, despite their songs being complete (or maybe they duplicated their project and made a short demo version of it) like bro what do they do when producing their songs

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Yeah I’ve noticed it too

it’s in g key

i told you it’s in g

I, personally, make lots of loops on potential ideas I can use later. Whether that be in the same song or future projects

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