CTRL_TIME (Cinematic, WIP)

I can’t find the original post for this. But this is a cinematic edit of ‘Feel It By Self’


Link? Or SC etc?

Whoops forgot to post the link

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Is this based on my project? I started this around a month ago. Anyway mine was the original post. I’ve abandoned the project for now, don’t know if I’ll get round to finishing it.


Ahh yes this was it. I think you should finish it because it has so much potential.

I just don’t know what to do with it. It was originally a collab between me and (I think) Sodisant. However his style was drastically different from what I was used to making at the time and I hit a roadblock with it. I may return to it but it’s not my primary focus.

I finished it

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Can I post it I am really proud of it

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Yeah sure, I can upload it to it to my YT as well then and we’ll just call it a collab. Do you have the project link?


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I love it! I’ll create some artwork for it and get it ready for upload. :slight_smile: