Crystldawn - forest [chill]

yet another crystldawn-style chill track. i’m working on some futurebass and other songs of slightly different genres, so stay tuned for that!


It would be nice if people would just leave nice, constructive feedback.

@crystldawnmusic well done. I really dig the melodies that are intertwining throughout, the drums are on point. I dig the artwork, feels like it would be a nice piece to break up more energetic pieces on a release, like a segue.

Towards the end, some kind of talking or ambient sounds woulda been cool. Actually, with a song called Forest that seems like a missed opportunity :frowning: but still I like what you’ve done


thanks for the feedback!

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Well… :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2: gg on your journey.

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And 300 followers!

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