Crystalize - XN (WIP) (Chill) [Feedback] [Garageband]

Something a bit different from what i normally produce…
I started this track the other day in Garageband, only been about 2 days into it, but it’s a finished rough draft.
Figured i would share it and get some feedback
I’m not the happiest with the second half of the track (especially that buildup) because i didnt think it fit in super well with the more “chill” kinda Direct vibe i was going for, so if anyone can help with that, it would be appreciated.

(it’s also a bit quiet so you might need to put up your volume to hear)

I like the shuffling drums. I was realllly hoping for the piano part to use a lower pitched chord after the first two that plays throughout the song but it never happened :frowning:

iOS GarageBand? Or Mac? I like when I hear stuff that I can’t discern as a certain platform and you’ve achieved that here :slight_smile:

I think this thread might be in the wrong category


Haha yeah I’m terrible at chords. In most of my tracks, i actually make the raps, bass n everything else first. Chords are like last. This was prob the first time that I’ve started out with chords and it’s only 4 repeating chords lol.

And I was using Desktop GB.
Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah. We really need a WIP/ feedback/unfinished tracks section. Because this isn’t finished, and Idk where I was supposed to put it
Thanks @MisterMaster for the move tho