Crooze- by Devoid of Joy

Just been sitting on it. Not too abrasive I don’t think. Just more movie scores for movies that don’t exist.


Nicely done, still have the Pretty Hate Machine vibe which is fantastic, makes me wanna break it out and go back a few years haha

Thanks bud. I’ve had it in my inventory sitting for a while.
I’m about to take a break from auxy for a bit to work on some analog stuff. Maybe make a strange terror noise ep.
This is the last of the auxy stuff a while. Not near as abrasive, nobody else is really into my stuff.


Ahhh man, ok :frowning: are you posting the non-Auxy stuff to the same SC? I want to be in the loop. Admittedly I don’t check it as much but I should make more of a habit of it… I only check the notifications like once or twice a week lol.

I’m bad about checking notifications myself.
Yeah I’ll probably stick with the DOJ namesake for a while and post it there. Kind of depends on where the noise goes, might have a different feel.
I’ll post a few in the nonauxy music category probably. Auxy is just hard to work with for me, The sequencer is permanent, that means restrictions in tempo control which forces the sounds into pop structures naturally. Not a bad thing for most but I’ve spent the majority of the time on it just trying to essentially break the app. Good on them for quality work though :ok_hand:t2:

I know what you mean when you say that you feel like you’re spending a lot of time trying to break the app. Hope you don’t forget about us, though. :wave:

For the record, I think what you’re doing with Auxy is brilliant. I get what it means to be guided by noise, and I’ve managed to resurrect old washing machines and such via Auxy. I also understand the need to get back to analog; I’m just about there myself. I followed you on soundcloud - look forward to hearing more in the future.

Thanx man. I’m not giving up auxy completely, just need a break to get to the loose therapeutic dark side of noise for a while. I’m not leaving the community, just gotta reduce influence. I’ve stop listening to any popular music or even watching tv for the most part. Every once in a while I feel the need for seeking pure authenticity with out influences. It’s pretty much impossible but doesn’t hurt to try.

I took a year and largely stopped listening to other music, and also reduced outside sources of negativity, in the name of radical authenticity. The biggest obstacles for me are internal, it turns out. I got back in touch with some of my favorite sounds to compose to in my head, which tend to be drones from vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, pipe organs, etc. It’s always good to try to gain perspective; I’m presently adding back in some more outside influences, which is why I’m here. Sounds like you’re on the right path!

Yeah I disconnected for a year or so, 'twas a dark time. I wasn’t creating anything then no illustrations no music. I was taking in minimal content but put none out. I don’t want to go that far again, maybe a few weeks to break out a smidge. Create in a temporal vacuum for a bit then start listening to new content again.
So have you used field recordings in your stuff?

My year was spent trying to reconnect with my artistic self. It involved spending crazy hours feeding my emotions through a piano and/or old test oscillators and/or recordings of random stuff I made into outboard digital effcts, followed by finding Auxy, where I put together an album devoted to Cambrian sea creatures after one of my kids showed me a drawing of a 5-eyed opabinia. I thought it was all crap, but I recently dug out and posted some raw ambient stuff (Love and Loss) and it needs editing and mastering but really isn’t bad - I’m surprised it’s gotten some attention as it stands, at 15 minutes (that was a really short one for me then). Perspective is everything.

I have some crazy field recordings… like booming a stereo mic out over the crowd in Times Square on New Years (2000/2001), including the trash trucks/cleanup afterwards, I need to do something with.