Crimson by BlackOcean - Remix by SkulerSalzer [WIP, Project] - Feedback wanted


Skyler steel


Change peg please.
And the fact that it’s 25 minutes long.


I hope you’re not planning on claiming it as your own. It would be advisable to call it a remix of blackocean’s “crimson” because that’s what it is


Yeah, I agree with @The_Osprey and @Insolidarity on this. Make it shorter, and call it a remix. Other than that, well done


second chord is a little dissonant and yes

25 minutes long is too much


Lmfao I know but I don’t know which segment to work with there’s so many different ideas that come from it lol why don’t you mess with it and redo it


Yes I know but there’s not much of it in there anymore it helped me create ideas from some of the samples lol I’m very new to this stuff. It’s hard for me to even start fresh and make up something lol whatever thanks guys


Oh yes and call it a remix of course


Try this one