Creative ways to use underused sounds!


I saw lots of comments like this in the “least favorite instrument thread” and I thought, people have great ideas and insights like this all the time but have nowhere to share them!

So here! If you find a sweet use for Sweet Ooo or you’re freaking out about your usage of Freak, this is the place to tell the community!


I don’t mind kicking this off.

November 2017’ish I put this together after some chatter about the worst sounds in Auxy. It’s from an album I put out awhile back but I never put it through Amuse and it’s not released anywhere anymore, so you’re free to use it how you see fit.

It was called ‘fangz for nothing’. Contains Subway, Bumble, Scarf, Castle, Marble, Freak. This was pre Auxy 5.


I used a combination of Sweet Ooh and Aah for a chorus effect in my VIP mix of Snowfall. You can hear it right at the beginning of the track xD

As for Freak, me and @OsharuPerez recently used it along with Lobster for our recent collab Leviathan. It’s also the melody synth in both iterations of my song Project HAUS, at the drop where the lead comes in.

Speaking of which, Marble is the main layer in the chords for a collab with SpaghettiSauce from a while back.

As for other sounds, I’ll probably make more posts as I think back about it.


You can use Spray as a sweeper (sort of) if you turn the high pass ~three fourths of the way up and have full tone. It’s not very loud so you may have to use multiple Spray’s.
This is mostly for people who don’t have the subscription.



I used mania as the main lead for my track “Insurgency” and I’d like to say it worked pretty well


Star shine - Dj Spedgetti [Rock?]

I live for this


I’ll just reive this thread in case anyone has some great insight in how to use some sounds :smiley:


Basically silk and wubs is really underused