Create melody of popular songs with Auxy [Challenge]

I challenge you to create melodies of popular songs with auxy

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I’ve been doing that. I’m more of a remix artist so of course I’ve recreated melodies of famous songs :slightly_smiling_face:

Melody or Medly?

A melody is the lead or main tune that is usually the driving beat of the song,

A medly is a combination of two or more songs.

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Why was this post flagged? I want to participate, but I’m a little confused by the directions.

Where does it say medly
also idk why you were flagged

wait what
Apparently that was ‘inappropriate’

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I know right!

So we have to write a melody in auxy?

Yeah, but I was asking if they meant melody or medley

Awhile back there were big problems with Medly vs Auxy so we set discourse to flag any post with Medly in it. Probably not really needed too much anymore…


Why were people arguing over what app they use?

Beats me. It was a point of contention earlier last year or end of two years ago. I’m not sure why, they’re pretty similar, but whatever.


Buddy’s I had a problem with the corrector, sorry for all I mean “MELODY” sorry

Do you mean current popular music or any popular music? I know popular music from the 70s and backwards but nothing much after.


Ye whatever

Here’s one

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