Create A Song For a Short Film! (Winners Announced)


Hey guys, I’m making a short film with a few people I know and it’s all about music. We will be using Auxy a lot, so I thought it’d be fun to make a contest out of it. The deadline will be March 21st for now (but I may extend it) Any genre is acceptable, but I’m looking for something that’s chill and upbeat at the same time.



Do you have any reference clips for us to score?

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Aye this is pretty cool I’ll participate lol

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If you’ll like you can this song called “journey” I made this not to long ago :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately I don’t, sorry…Most of my music is pretty chill, and I guess something to reference might be lofi music, or just chill-upbeat music in general
BUT, as I said any music is acceptable!


Made this a while back. Lmk if this is the type of song you are looking for, and Ill send the project file.

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can we get a gist of what kind of short film you’re trying to make?

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I’ve got two songs for you here, you can pick between them and if you want to use them contact me for the project file:


Of course! So the short film is kind of silly and unrealistic, but who cares, haha.

Throughout the film, we follow the stories of four friends who only have two things in common; music and each other. As the story progresses we watch their difficult journey through high school, each of them learning to use music to escape reality into a fantasy world where they become friends. As each character grows so does their interest in music and their new friendship which eventually leads these four individuals meeting in real life.

I hope this doesn’t sound confusing haha:sweat_smile:


I Loved it! Exactly what I’m looking for, amazing work!

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Both are really good! I especially like how you start and end your songs. Nice Work!

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Thank you!

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Hey guys, I don’t have access to Auxy rn so can I’d appreciate it if you guys could send soundcloud links, if not I’ll listen to them at a later time.

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My submission:

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I really like it! The song itself is really calming, and chill, great job!

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@Katki thx lol I really appreciate it

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Can you use a song a already made or do I have to make a new one


Any song is okay as long as it’s made by you

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You can look through my songs and decide what one you want to use

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Kinda sucks but whatever

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