CRASH [Dubstep/Riddim, WIP, Project, Collab? ]
i don’t know where to go with this so i’ll let someone else decide

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fixed up the beat a tad but i really enjoy where this is going!!

Dang man! This is the first time I’ve seen riddim in Auxy

fam there’s a chunk of riddim in auxy. Kraken comes to mind as someone recent, but cornea kinda did some when he used auxy.

i cant actually listen to the project file, but they might be references to ideas/things u could do in auxy


Yeah, Kraken was my main inspiration in making this. He’s really underrated and makes some quality stuff. Of course, I didn’t want to copy off him so I took things a little different.


Damn you guys are right

i made one awhile back but it’s not as popular as my other tracks: