CR78 From Mars Duplicate samples


Lol let me check this out

The only ones that don’t repeat are 1,2, and 9.

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And it’s the same with the snares, only with them, it’s 1, 2, and 8 that don’t repeat AND the percs, in which, 4 is the unique one.

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Can confirm, it sounds like these are duplicates to me, too.

I misunderstood the pictures at first, so I thought I might try to rephrase

(Welp, I think I found more while trying to check)


Duplicate samples for Closed Hihats:

  • 01 and 08
  • 02 and 09
  • 03 and 10
  • 04 and 11

Duplicate samples for Open Hithats:

  • 01 and 09
  • 02 and 10
  • 03 and 11
  • 04 and 12
  • 05 and 13


Duplicate samples for Kicks:

  • 03 and 10
  • 04 and 11
  • 05 and 12
  • 06 and 13
  • 07 and 14
  • 08 and 15


Duplicate samples for Bongos:

  • 03 and 05
  • 04 and 06

Duplicate samples for Congas:

  • 02 and 07
  • 03 and 08
  • 04 and 09

Duplicate samples for Percs:

  • 01 and 05
  • 02 and 06
  • 03 and 07


Duplicate samples for Rimshots:

  • 01 and 04
  • 02 and 05

Duplicate samples for Snares:

  • 03 and 09
  • 04 and 10
  • 05 and 11
  • 06 and 12
  • 07 and 13

(Feel free to make corrections)

Yeah they are from Samples from Mars. Auxy has licensed these to use in the app, I believe (There have been previous packs done with Samples from Mars e.g. 808 From Mars thoughts, DX100 From Mars - Thoughts? and 909 from Mars - Thoughts?, but no issues of duplicates like this that I have heard of ^^)

We have too much Mars packs now I’m getting sick of them we have enough samples to last an eternity why are we continuing to add more I barely use them either the only good pack was 909 from Mars why are you making so much from Mars packs


Simple: S H M O N E Y

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um ok

I’ll elaborate: it’s the most cost effective solution to get one license from one place which has a really large repository of high quality sounds and “re-sell” them at perhaps a markup


Absolutely mind blowing this has not been dev addressed yet… @lenberg

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Probably best to send email to - I don’t believe this is checked much at all.

Here’s 101 from Mars

Yep was thinking along the same lines re: sending an email, and I did send one a few days ago in regards to this, but no response yet… (will update if I do get one)

This. An 808, OK, but a Casio? Or this CR-78 old drum machine that was pretty ordinary in its own time and just has nothing to offer compared to the many other much more versatile drum packs we already have… No more Marz!! I am not using any of this stuff, and there seems to be a lot of it lately.

Barely worth complaining about, the CR 78 was a crap drum machine ahyway.

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These are not the same samples. It’s the same machine though with slightly varied settings. Some people like vintage drum machines and some don’t. It’s ok.