Cover Art Discussion


Those yellow shapes are a little too translucent that it makes the bright yellow look like a brownish yellow. Maybe try making the yellow more solid.


Very, very soon! I know y’all will enjoy it! It’s tango mixed with trap :sunglasses:
I bet y’all never heard of that or thought it was possible! It’s revolutionary UwU👌


You definitely got a pixel art talent


Thanks! I’ve been a pixel artist for 7 years


maybe early january


It looks like a bunch of clouds with effects over it. Am I right?



I layered some cloud images and put some glitch effects


It looks awesome! I really love how it looks like an insane storm. Can’t wait to hear the track when you release it!


New track soon? :thinking:


Hey guys, I don’t want this to become a self-promo/teaser topic


Don’t worry. It won’t become that.


But of course. :slight_smile:


This just makes me sad. Why was I the only one being called out for it?


I’m getting some mild Deja vu here