Cover Art Discussion


Updated the title with the new logo


Thanks for the feedback man!


I think you should probably change the font size for the collab members. It’s too big, and should only take up half of overall the vertical space


Thanks for the feedback dude!

Nice way of use matter app btw (in your cover art)


Very punny ha ha ha


I definitely need to look into this, they look so good.


Note that the backgrounds for those arts are from


Lol that guy is really selling it!!! “Hey I did a thing, it sucks whatever don’t download it but, maybe download it later. If you want.”


Jesus these are so good


My first song cover

It was all made in photoshop by basically just using the pen tool to select an area then colouring it in with the brush tool. Simple but makes an interesting geometric look.


i just like the guy’s head. don’t make his entire body your logo that you put in all your art tho, as it’s too big. Only do that occasionally, like in big releases or something. Otherwise just stick to the head imo, looks sweet.


The guy’s body should be in the same color scheme as the background. Leave the head how it is to emphasize that it’s you. He should also cast a shadow

As for the text, I would’ve preferred something else so that it’s easier to read.


I think all of these are my best cover artwork I’ve made. I’ve been a pixel artist for 7 years, now. If you ever need any pixel art done, let me know. I don’t charge much. I charge $1-$3 depending on how complex the artwork is. If you just want your logo done in pixel art or a face, I always charge $1.


:wink: Tomorrow!


Looking forward to that


This is the cover art for my latest track. I think I’m going to keep this style for a while. I also have a new logo and soundcloud banner that fit this style.

Thoughts on the cover art?


That’s hot


Thanks! So are the glasses of your cat :nerd_face:


Your stuff is really dope