Cover Art Discussion


Just the fact that you are probably in a youth circus is dope lmao


Meanwhile my Album art toolbox:


(I actually feel like i know how to use this better than photoshop which i learned for like 2 years lol)


Since Auxy is a mobile experience, I personally think it makes sense to also do the artwork all on mobile. It just fits into the same “workspace” and mental state!
The best toolkit I’ve found so far is any app.

Including 3D objects, collaging, vector, etc…



I’ve never heard of this. Looks great, thanks for sharing!


I illustrate messy over worked sketches to go with the noisy stuff I produce. Except when I’m lazy, then I just go through my phone find a random pic and just modify and over saturate it.


Does anyone use an Apple Pencil and iPad to make artwork? That would be a neat approach.


I use Pixelmator and Affinity Designer.

TBH I didn’t realize the signifigance of album art until recently, so my older arts aren’t great. Here’s a cool one:


Uhh I made a bad minimal art for Playitlouder (33k followers)


I’m very interested in the tools/apps you are using. I really love your cover arts. @NotMiles


if you have a lono with shapes and stuff make sure you use thick lines so when you put it in your album art it doesn’t blend in with the background. Different masking formats can help with this where it’ll invert the colors or something. Also make sure it’s transparent.

just use Over trust me


Affinity designer is the way to go. I personally keep my art simplistic, but I do GFX work for a label as well.




I use Pixlr and Canva, but as of recently, Pixlr has decided to stop working on my computer


I personally think no text provides a better overall aesthetic. Only use text if you have professional level art.


Cool!! I use Pixlr too, but on my phone


Looks super amazing!!!


Some of my recent stuff


I love the middle one. Borders (if used right) make everything look extra edgy.


Lovely arts! Great job.

Minimal color selection is quite eye catching. I would call it a solid technique.

I should apply to my art… I tend to put all colors to my art…


My favorite is this one, which I made for my first collab song.


Nice concept. You might want to work on the spacing a little bit, both between the artist names and the outer edge.