Cover Art Discussion


Discuss cover art.
Give feedback.
Get feedback.
Share programs/techniques.
Give tips.
Share your personal favourites. (if you feel like flexing)
Share love for other people’s art.


Important things:

  • Cover art is like mixing a track, you need to give all elements space to “hold their own”.
  • Simple or minimal design is often more effective than complex design.
  • Always make sure the colors are good. Lots of saturation usually doesn’t look good. Desaturation can look good if done right.
  • If you have multiple instances of text, don’t use too many typefaces. If you use more than one, they need to look good together.
  • Don’t overuse stuff. This applies to everything!
  • Oh, and please don’t put text over an image that has light and dark colors. It makes it very hard to read the text quickly.


Should I continue to use tweaked photos from from my pictures without any text or special color filters or anything? Or is it time to get more serious about cover art?


At the very least, I think you should add text.


The title of the album isn’t final

(Updated, includes new logo instead of a Butterfly)


When remixing a track from the feed, don’t just screencap the artwork from the original and invert colors or something, because the artwork is copyrighted too, and the artwork is not part of the project shared on the feed.

Please I’m begging y’all just ask first


From the master of copyright laws himself


This is probably my best work so far.


Looks awesome! Did you draw that fist yourself? If you did, nice work!


“Hey guys remember 202x 198x”


Opinions and feedback appreciated. It’s already been used, but I’d like a heads-up to do better on the next one.


I think if the border gradient didn’t go all the way to white, just a lighter pink, that would be nice.

And maybe a different pink


I absolutely adore this cover


I like the look of a “text bar”. Usually add some effects or shapes to an already interesting photo.


I like the little shapes you added, looks really cool. Not a fan of text bars like that, though. Also the font is weird. I’m more of a fan (especially for album art) of all-caps lettering (or if you are a future bass or lofi producer, all lowercase)


Here’s my album art toolbox.

  • Assembly (left): definitely the most versatile free design app. Probably more versatile than most paid apps. There are a bunch of shapes that can be edited to your liking. There’s a lot of stuff you can do with lettering (sadly it’s lacking in fonts, though), and it’s my personal preference for logos and text.

  • Photoshop: everyone knows what this is. I use it to mix pictures and stuff. An example will be posted below.

  • Glitché: I just got this app ($1), and I love it. There’s so many cool effects you can do to your pictures. Check it out on the App Store and watch the video, you’ll see some of the great stuff you can do with it.


Here’s my best album art.

I’m really proud of it, what do you guys think?


Did you hand draw that?


No. I’m a man of many talents (such is riding a unicycle upside down while doing backflips and juggling) but art isn’t one of them.


Rip. Still looks dope tho.