COUGAR with Taurus

@TAURUS and I have been busy cooking up a new banger for y’all.



If I was asked definition of heavy and thicc, I would definitely play this track with full volume.

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Mad work guys!

dang dis is good

Sounds a lot like this.

Nice job gentlemen! Love the bass line/sound. Was that all Auxy?


Me gusta

Not again…

omg that is so funny :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

You guys have this VNV Nation thing going on that’s driving me nuts in a good way :slight_smile: really enjoyed this.

I’m actually kind of surprised we don’t hear more stuff like that, Auxy can definitely do it. I’d give it a stab but it’s been years since listening to stuff like that, which probably explains why no one is doing it now that I’m thinking about it :thinking:

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