Cornea - QUAKE (Trap/Hardstyle)

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i need feedback to improve!


Liked and followed buddy! You have brought a new unique taste to the community. I like it mate


thanks! :sparkles:

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I will definitely be keeping tabs on you as there are not enough trap producers in this community.


Thanks IAATOE!

Seriously though I can only think of 7 people including us two that make trap.

there’s not many sounds to use

That’s only if you don’t use soundpacks however if you’re creative with the tools you have I’m sure you can make things work.

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I was on call with someone whom produces for Meek Mill, Rick ross, etc. and he didn’t even know some of the tracks I sent him we made on this app! Lol aside from the drum kits- there’s no real difference between Auxy sounds and Logic Pro plug ins! Just gotta be creative like you said :ok_hand:t2:

:wave:t3: :open_mouth: me too!! Hhh @Cornea always ready to help, all yo have to do is dm me :smile: