Coral - "Sandy Shore" (Tropical House) [Skycastle OST]

Me and countless other people are working hard towards an RPG game coming out in the near future. I think this would be good music for one particular area of the map. Like my last “EST” (end me) this is not remixable

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I’m thinking on making my OSTs public when the game’s released but I’m not sure how successful it’s gonna be and I really wanna share what I’ve got.

What d’you guys think?

Hey there. I’m working on the lost city soundtrack needs improvement but take a look at it. Again, as @Coral said, no remixing. Just listening

Let’s wait a bit. Then we can see whether or not to make them public

Maybe add some freaky SFX like a wobbly marble (original sound) or smth

Nice! I’m gonna work on Joyful :wink:

Eyy, i’m working on a project, a EP inspired by old-school game OSTs. I might end up having a remix contest based on it when I get it done.