Copyright free music

Hello Auxy community! I am currently helping a company with finding copyright free songs, and reproducing them on their channels. I wanted to know if anyone would let me use some of their music for these channels so that your music could become more popular, along with our channels. You can reply with a project link of a song you made and I will credit you!

I’m curious as to the pairing of “copyright free music” and “commercial use”; typically music used or leased in a commercial setting is intrinsically the opposite of copyright free… perhaps some more elaboration on this like a terms of use for the music or an artist agreement would be helpful?

Unless you’re essentially asking if anyone would like to give the rights to their music for free so that it may be used for profit (which you might not have as much luck with).


i agree with arimyth, copyright free music and commercial use music are completely different things.

i don’t think you will like if someone took your song for free and made money from it (!! and didn’t give you any % of it), of course with your permission, but still it is not really that good.

copyright free songs are made so you can use them for personal use without getting copystriked while songs for commercial use… well it speaks for itself, they make money

and if you answer me that you will pay artists with clout — clout is not a kind of payment, but money is.

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Sorry I didn’t mean commercial use. I got the terms “commercial use” and “copyright free” mixed up.

To clarify, I’m not looking to make money from these.

Sorry, I mixed up the terms copyright free and commercial use. I wanted to clarify that there would not be any commercial use, and it would be completely non-profit.

The goal would be to promote the artist as well as the channel it would be posted to. So kind of like NCS uses other artists music and puts their name and links to their music in the description/title, thus growing NCS and the producer. The only difference is that it is on a smaller channel, but still big enough to get the producer a good amount of new followers and listeners.

okay lol