Cool Sound Illusion

Hey guys, I wonder if anyone could use automation to create something like this in Auxy?

I thought it was pretty interesting.


Shepard tone? I knew that, but I was wondering if someone created one in Auxy

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Nevermind, just created one


Thank you for sharing this video on here. This is great stuff to think about when designing. Appreciate ya

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Oh nice that’s sweet :+1: @AzureOnyx

Emphasizing is always the way.

Wow😂 That got me hard man

Very interesting :smile: is there other “music illusions” ?

Pretty cool bro @AzureOnyx

I tried to add more octaves.

…and the drums…

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Great one! Love it


It sounds the THX theme :joy: Omg

Aside from the illusion Dunkirk was amazing tho right?


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The soundtrack was actually one my favorite parts of Dunkirk. I felt that tension throughout the entire movie, it was amazing. I wonder if anyone makes movie soundtrack-esque music with Auxy. Loved the video, btw @Andrew_Adams

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What a great remix!

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Yup, this is a better example