Converting Auxy Projects to .MP3 Files

Is there any way to get the project exported FROM auxy as an MP3 file? I know you could do audio but it exports it as a .mpa or something that isn’t MP3… I have to put it into Logic and convert it which takes a good amount of time- just wondering if I’m missing something :ok_hand:t2: Thanks

Use Audacity to convert it. Probably will be faster

Alternatively, you could upload to soundcloud as a private upload then rip it from SC with a mp3 downloader. I’ve done that so many times out of laziness and the fact that the iPod classic I use doesn’t work with m4a files so I have to have it all converted to mp3. Usually, I do this for a track so I can listen to it for some time before moving it into FL and stuff.

99.99% of the time this results in less quality. I also remember auxy already having an option for mp3?

There are some converters on the app store for mp3 if u need em

Auxy won’t export mp3 directly. The only DAW I’ve ever used that does is FLStudio (not sure about Live/Reaper, I know for sure Reason doesn’t). It’s due to licensing costs AFAIK.

Like Cornea said there are converters. A lot of them are ad supported. They look pretty janky so be careful. I recall seeing a Shortcuts (formerly Workflow) script/run book for it but don’t recall if I ever got it working :confused:

Try this app. Mind it does cost $1 (I think), but it converts literally anything.

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You probably grabbed it at a good time, looks like it’s subscription based now. Bear in mind they are shuttling your data to a server in the cloud and then spitting back your converted content to you - some people aren’t comfortable with that.

Otherwise seems ok :slight_smile:


Usually, I don’t go for quality when getting a simple render to listen to for the sake of determining what should sound like what, etc. etc.

Quality isn’t a concern at that point in the process at the very least. Usually, it’s more about convenience than anything else.

Just out of curiosity, why mp3 over m4a/mpa or whatever? They’re both space saving.

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When I work with other people, sometimes they can only work with MP3s or WAV files but when I export it from the “audio” option, it won’t download for them


You can definitely export an uncompressed wave file. If you need mp3 for sure, you’ll need to use some kind of converter