Conux's "Kleuren" Remix Contest [CLOSED]


Dang I’m too late ;-;


The deadline got extended to the 20th. At least, I think it did.


It is, Conux confirmed this a bit ago I think @SanaB


@anon41616463 If I win, by some miracle, I chose one of the prizes, right? Or do I have to do all? Because I don’t really want an iTunes gift card/voice chat xD


Finished! Hope you guys enjoy! :wink:


Alright, since there were only 9 contestants (yet 50 stem downloads… strange), I decided to narrow it down to three winners. I have enjoyed listening to everyone’s remix of Kleuren very much. It was awesome to see what all you could do with it :slight_smile:

I would like to congratulate @NotMiles, @DJWILL, and @Kerfuffle on their remixes!

Here is the playlist:


Congradulations on the winners! You all totally deserved it.

In tradition with making Conux hate me being a jolly ol’ chap, I’ve changed my artwork for the contest to be as obnoxious as possible highlight my goals with my remix.

I think it’s perfect now.


Wait, I won something?? WHOA!!! Congrats to @Kerfuffle and @DJWILL! Also, congrats to @anon41616463 for making such an awesome song!


Nooo xD
Nice job @NotMiles, @DJWILL and @Kerfuffle!! :wink:


Woot thank you! cool! I won in a contest and one I actually loved doing! thank you @anon41616463 for an amazing inspirational song! and Congrats @NotMiles and @DJWILL!

And don’t forget @TheRealJFalc @SanaB @Zeph @Lucas @TheCreeperMatik ! I really enjoyed your remixes! I had a blast listening to each ones unique touch!


Sorry I’m really late to This lol

I tried


BRO! Amazing work! I LOVE your style!!!


OMG I actually won something!
Congratulations @Kerfuffle and @NotMiles for winning. You did an amazing job.
Also, well done to @TheCreeperMatik @TheRealJFalc @Lucas @Zeph @SanaB for making some great stuff
And thanks to @anon41616463 for making an epic song :smiley:


Too bad I didn’t posted that in time :frowning:

But this challange was amazing!!! :grinning::+1::+1:


I saw this song on official app feed!! This track is really wonderful and I absolutely love it!! Congrats!!!



Congratulations @anon41616463 you completely deserve this Kleuren was such an epic track!


@anon41616463 yeah super big up boi! Haha I mean congratulations on getting submitted into the app. Huge success!


I know this is very late but heres my remix


Is this still going on? Cause I have a remix


It’s long over man but if you have a remix i’m sure there’s no problem posting it. It won’t be considered for the contest but I’m sure it’s worth posting. Might need to ask @anon41616463 though.