Conux's "Kleuren" Remix Contest [CLOSED]


Oh good, 2 weeks i thought it was 1 xDDD, woot I don’t have to rush but i better start working with it again.


I’m almost done, will prolly finishe by the weekend :smiley:


Here you guys go:

Good luck to everyone else remixing!


Alright, Here it is, Sorry I turned such a beautiful track into an abomination xD.


@anon41616463 I have been working on it for a while, I want it to be perfect and probably won’t post it until the due date. Just letting you guys know for the hype!


I’m playing the game of “how to ruin something and make the original author cringe in agony” with this one ;3

[This isn’t the real version, find that here (please turn down your volume):]


Mines trip boi


What a smart idea for a challenge! I just want to say that I ADMIRE this song. Hopefully I can get my remix done before the deadline…:smirk:


As there are 6 submissions in, should I extend the deadline of the remix contest?

  • Yes
  • No

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I think you should ask who else is doing it and if they plan on submitting or not. I feel like a lot more people than 6 were planning on doing the contest xD


Still working on it


It’s a very chill song, maybe I will attempt something…


I’ve had zero time to work on weekends, I’ll try to finish soon xD


Here’s my remix…


Me too:(


I’m super excited to see the results of the contest ^w^


Hey! I finalized it today. I hope you like it!


Was the deadline extended at all @anon41616463 ? I don’t remember any official announcement but I wanted to make sure and all if I have to wait to know how bad I lost x3 too much cringe to place


Yeah it’ll be due next Saturday the 20th. There’s some secret stuff going on wink wink, so that’s why there is an extension.


:0 I like secrets tell me tell me tell meeeeee ;~;

Oh well I know I don’t have a chance just am excited to see who did and all x33