Conux's "Kleuren" Remix Contest [CLOSED]

Hey everyone! As the title reads, I am announcing a remix contest for my song “Kleuren”.

Feel free to change it to any key, tempo, swing amount, or genre. I will be giving everyone 3 weeks to work on a solid remix (I know it’s long, but I’m trying to accommodate everyone that wants to remix within their times available). All of the remixes should be in by October 13th.

There are a couple of rules before you upload to SoundCloud:

  1. Title it Conux - Kleuren (your name remix).
  2. Use the following cover art above.
  3. Put your efforts into it and have fun!

If the number people participating in the contest is a lot, I will have prizes for 5 winners:

  • gets to have a voice chat w/ me via Discord, Skype, etc.
  • reposted playlist of the winners on my SoundCloud
  • possible $20 iTunes gift card (I will have to figure this out)

Before you start remixing, I highly suggest you listen to the original first if you haven’t already :wink:

Original song:
Kleuren Remix Stems (thanks NYC for helping me make these):

I wish everyone the best of luck!


Challeng accepted Gonna make everyone see some very trippy Kleuren


WOOOOOOO! I am so excited for this! I’m gonna make a very mysterious Kleuren, Maybe… desaturate it… hehehe

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No problem about the remix stems! Can’t wait to remix! @anon41616463

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hopefully I’ll have time to remix this great song :smiley:

I’m in my dudes

So am I

Almost done with mine!

I’m in. -runs to solitude-

Goddamn, I’m so excited. I remember hearing this for the first time and I was super inspired to try and write some future base. And now I can finally get my hands on this gem and rip it apart. I’m sorry i’m Turning this into an abomination.

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Finished! I’ll post tomorrow.

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Nice! Looking forward to hear it :blush:


Awesome song btw, love those chords!

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Well, here it is: Conux - Kleuren (With a Dash of NotMiles for Extra Spice). Hope you like it!


Lol I like the title @NotMiles
I’ma listen to it rn… so excited!


I just realized the remix contest is due on Friday the 13th


Wow! Thats a really good track!


If notmiles doesn’t win Ill delete my SoundCloud account


Ay thanks!

I’d like to say as of now, there are 2 weeks left before the submissions are due for the remix contest. So far there are only two official submissions. Time flies by fast… :wink: