Contest? [POLL]

I recently hosted a Beat the Clock challenge, and that was a lot of fun. But it got me thinking…would it be cool for me to host some other sort of challenge here? Maybe…with some kind of prize? I’m sort of looking to test the waters to see who and how many of you would participate. What do you all think?

  • Yeah, host a contest, I’m in!
  • Nah, don’t host a contest, there’s too much of this stuff on the forum already.

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I just like challenges for the fun of it, honestly I don’t think there’s is a need for a prize, but there is a need for a challenge.


Yeah i agree.

Maybe when I decide for sure if I’m doing it, I’ll reveal what the prize will be…:wink:
Trust me, you might like the prize.


YEA!!! I love contests. Normally tho I see the thread only 10 mins after the entries are closed… SO if u are doing a contest can I be in it?