[CONTEST] Goxy’s Dubby Challenge


I’m almost done




Yet another one of my favourite competition/contests since being a part of this amazing community. Thank you Gox for handing this challenge out to us, I actually learned a lot more and was able to finish a piece of music I have always wanted to take part in. Since we weren’t allowed to use anything outside of Auxy or any imported samples, I Had To Fit An Anime Grill In There Somehow. Now I want to finish the track, and finally get some anime-girl drop shouts in there.

Sorry, but now for a bit of a rant, but it’s to justify why it is one of my favourites.

Dubstep has been the genre that really pushed me into delving into the world of electronic music, and it’s conquest to show the world it’s adventures, through the soundscape of sounds never heard by human ears. I had fallen in love with dubstep in 2009, listening to the likes of Canadian artists: Excision, Datsik, Downlink, and expanded from there. There’s almost no dubstep i don’t like, and I am a supporter of the new styles of sound and production that are coming out today, despite the critique that it gets from originalists saying that it’s “n o t r e a l d u b s t e p”.

The original inspiration from this song was grasping on elements of Trash Electro and Fidget House (EX:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ) but it slowly evolved into this Complextro sound. The best part is, I now understand the roots of this House sub-genre (sub-sub-sub-Genre???) from experience. It’s actually a fusion of Fidget House and Dubstep. Glitchy basslines all chopped up with synthy-stabs (KerfuffledStyle), a bit of melodies all tightly fused within the mess.

Each of the six scenes have been carefully crafted to make each one just as unique as the last, all with that Kerfuffle touch. I hope you enjoy the listen, thanks for reading and if you need the file I’m working with I will gladly PM you it.



@Goxenar can I redo my entry?
Now that the new sounds came out I can actually make what I wanted too originally.


Deadline’s friday, as you please my dude.


Alright cool


Would you score whichever one you like more
Or only my newer one?


Whichever you choose at your submission.


Okay thanks


My updated version:



Me listening to this:
Ok pretty gud. Sounds much future bass

drop hits

Ok is gud future bass (where’s the dropz?)


Ohhhhhh shiiieeeettt son is fire


Due date’s closing, I’ve heard some great things… you might all just be winners. :flushed:


In all honesty, all of the submissions were quite impressive. Yet here are the three winners!


Very intriguing introduction, leading up to a tasty drop. In which I very much enjoyed.

  1. https://m.soundcloud.com/gavingrayeofficial/goxenar-brostep/s-tWw5w

Great concept and melody. The transition between genres was well established without ruining the song.

  1. https://soundcloud.com/jl_official_extras/winona-demo

This took me back to 2011 brostep, something like Flux Pavillion or Doctor P. Well-thought out and nicely ended.

I have absolutely enjoyed every submission, analyzing what you all have put together and speaking in general about dubstep and its subgenres. Thank you all for taking the time to submit along with trying something new :slight_smile: playlist will be up and running soon (difficulty with some submissions, currently.)

— Goxenar


Wow nice job @AnirudhKhanna


Yay I won :D.


Yeeeeee, boi! Gratz on that! awesome job. I loved every minute of it.


@TheRealJFalc YO , haha you’re a winner!!!


I can barely even believe it xD


I feel you :joy:


Oh no! I’m late…