[CONTEST] Goxy’s Dubby Challenge


Oops i didnt start yet xD


Do impacts, percussive samples etc. from the beats from the bass ship, laviathan, etc. Count as non-usable samples? I like Kerfuffle-ing those to achieve uniqueness… and I’m still very sad I can’t throw in an anime girl shout drop.


Everything provided WITHIN Auxy is allowed! :blush:


Can we get an Anime Grill sounds soundpack XDDDD


Wow! I love that so much! I know this isn’t the awesome projects thread, but can I make that into a full Sontag and feature you?





Lenberg-senpai, if you can hear me, this needs to be a thing. Top priority, we need anime grillz


The begging is natural sounding future bass
Then heavy dubstep.
I’m kinda a begging with dubstep so it’s not amazing, but it’s not terrible



Much low Freak lol. A bit muddy Imo, but not bad.

Actually, I think u could take this in a similar direction as Modestep - Higher if u ever wanted to make this a full track


Thanks for the feedback
That’s a cool song


This is going to work out. My favorite genre is now dnb…
What do you call dnb mixed with dubstep?


Drum step I think?


I think that’s a little different…maybe it is drumstep?


@Goxenar, can it be Melodic dubstep?


He already told me that it could

Also do you mean like Watson and Holmes
I think that’s what the songs called


Watson & Holmes, as in Intrepid and Hayvn’s collab account? That’s more dnb than anything related to dubstep. I’d say it doesn’t even come close to being dubstep, but I could be wrong though.


Oh really
I must be thinking of the wrong song😂
I remember it being drumstep tho


Ye, it’s Drumstep
DnB tempo, but dubstep drums n stuff


Ok, thanks :D.



My entry. It’s a demo because the track isn’t fully fleshed out, of course. But I’m extremely proud of what I was able to accomplish with this one.