[CONTEST] Goxy’s Dubby Challenge


How long can each scene be?
And do one bar transitions count as a whole scene




whoops i missed that sentence lol


No worries! :slight_smile:


Yes, one bar transitions count as a scene. Each scene can be from 1-8 bars in length. That’s up to you, but the final product must be no more than SIX scenes total. Be creative with it. :slight_smile:


How does one dubstep? I want to be sure I’m actually stepping up my dub for this


Depends on the Dubstep style, (brostep, funkstep, etc.)


You gotta make grr wob whooeerr growl laser sound effect woog woog owp

But like @Goxenar said, it all depends on the subgenre you’ve chosen from dubstep

For example, my personal favourite is Melodic dubstep, you can get ideas from it by listening to people like Virtual Riot


Here’s some neat examples



Oh if Auxy only had a customizable FM synth instrument… ;3

Could probably just mess with one of the electronic percussion samples in Leviathan 2 extensively to achieve this though.

I thought chillstep was a drum & bass derivative though xD


You know you have a strong kick when your iPad is literally vibrating playing from the speakers.

I think I’m ready for this ;3


Rip my 12 bar transition… but besides that can we have an extra empty scene at the end to capture any reverb to make sure it doesn’t get processed off accidentally?


You should be able to end it on Scene 6 without any issues. Smoothly end it, and you’ve got a track eligible for the contest!


I’ve always had issues where reverb doesn’t render right from the final scene. Sometimes things get abruptly cut off, etc. etc.

That’s why I ask :\ It smoothly ends when playing but when rendering… sometimes it gets weird.


I haven’t had that issue before. If an extra scene is necessary for an outro, I’ll allow it. (7 scenes total.)


Sweet. Mine’s finished but I’ll be waiting until Sunday to upload it. Still need to perfect it as best I can but I’m pretty confident in it.


Thought that I would post this here as the drop is one of my favorite examples of dubstep.



Excited to see what everyone’s going to come up with! There is still time for any new contestants to join!


Oh man, I so wanna do this. Let’s hope this outdated iPad can handle it.
: oh my, as soon as I do anything, freeeeeeze… wish there was a lite version


:joy::skull: the struggle is real