[CONTEST] Goxy’s Dubby Challenge


Hey there Auxy peeps, I’ll be hosting a marvelously fun contest for all of you.

We all have our own tastes in music, now, lets try adding some Dubstep to it.

Create a track that begins with your utmost favorite genre, whether it’s country or classical, it doesn’t matter, it’s YOUR favorite. (The beginning can only last 3 scenes at MOST.) Once finished with the first 3 scenes (if it so happens yours is less than 3 scenes that’s okay, simply transition before the 3rd scene.) transition smoothly onto my favorite genre, Dubstep.

Rules are as follows:

• The track can only last 6 scenes total.

• NO project files! The track MUST be posted onto SoundCloud. (Post the link on this thread once finished.)

• NO samples! MUST be fully Auxy made.

I will choose three winners by Friday, May 25th. Awarding each with a repost of their winning track!

If there are any questions, comments or concerns feel free to ask! HAPPY PRODUCING!

— Goxenar


I’m in
So I don’t know my favorite genera😅
Should I just pick one that I like?


You might want in
Dubstep cough**cough


This is a good idea! May enter. Can it be more than 6 scenes though? I like to upload full-length songs to SoundCloud :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe upload a full version after the contest is overwith? :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yes, one you like is fine, yet there must be one you like overall. Choose that one. :laughing:




I’m so doing this.
Question: we start off with a genre, transition after three scenes, but when we make the dubstep, do we complete the whole song?
I’m thinking of some trap-step kind of stuff




Yes, simply smoothly finish the song. Most drops last 2 scenes or “16 bars” you should be fine.


Brostep dubstep or dubstep dubstep?


Dubstep, brostep, chillstep, funkstep. Surprise me. :slight_smile:


ooooh ive got me some dubsteppy sounds in my arsenal


(count me in.)


Perfect! Glad you’re in! :laughing:


what if your favorite genre already is dubstep? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


lol prob wont be entering in this anyway as i’m drowning in school work atm. But im for sure gon check out the other entries


I’ll enter even though I’m no good at dubstep. Can we mainly use samples in the dubbystuff?


Blown away! My mind… :fire::cry: any other genre but dubstep lol.


No samples, I suppose I should list that in the rules. I apologize for not stating that.


Im so in. When is the deadline?