[CONTEST] Create A Song Using Only Imported Samples


Hey guys, surf here, back with another competition. (I really can’t remember if I’ve done a competition before, that just sounded like a good way to start off the post.) This time, I have an idea that may be challenging for a lot of you. This challenge is: Make a song using only imported samples.


  1. You can use any samples you choose. You can sample melodies or make your own (although that would be a lot harder in my opinion.)
  2. No restrictions on genre. Make anything you want.
  3. Most importantly: You can not use any samples that are already in the Auxy app, whether it be drum samples or melodic instruments.
  4. Deadline is March 31st at 8:00 PM US Central Time.

Have fun working with my challenge!


I’ll be participating in this challenge too, but my entry won’t count as part of the competition.


@Thrashie where you at ;3


He’s using Ableton like me now lol


Everyone’s using Ableton, and I’m using Logic Pro X… so…


To each their own
: )


i mean it is a better deal to get Logic than Ableton in terms of $$. because logic is a cheaper one time payment for the whole thing and you can put it on all ur devices (i mean mac’s ofc). I think Ableton only gives you 2 installs.


This’ll be fun. I think I’ll go for a hip-hop track with a progressive vibe.


I actually have both Logic Pro X and Ableton. I just prefer Logic Pro X because I’ve been using it for longer


oh nice. I’d prob prefer to have Logic too just because all the hotkeys n stuff is pretty much the same as Garageband which i’m pretty efficient at using.