[Contest] Auxy Winter Tournament 2K20! - Winners announced

Hi, everybody! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: DHO back in the house and just in time for another Auxy Tournament! This time, I’ll be running things with co-hosts, @stereofield and @BobTheGUYYYYY, as well as a different mystery guest judge every round. :open_mouth:

How it Works

So, as stated in the previous tournament: Players 1-4 are in the tournament. Player 1 ends up against Player 2, and 3 against 4. If Player 1 beats 2, and Player 4 beats 3, then the two winners (1 and 4) will compete.

In this instance, however, there are 32 players.


You will be judged out of ten points in the following categories:

Creativity - How unique is the song compared to other Auxy tracks? It’s good to have a balance. Sure you can randomly place notes and make automation, and, although it may be different, it’s not necessarily pleasing to listen to.

Composition - How good is the actual composition, when you take out all the automation etc.?

Accuracy: How much you stuck to the challenge’s rules.

Execution: How well did you execute all the ideas you tried to pull off? How is the instrument choice? Mixing?


This time around, we will be testing your skills in certain areas of producing, bringing on a guest judge who we believe to have a good amount of knowledge in that area. They will not only test your production skills, but also allow you to reflect on the season in music as we move along.

A few rules: If you wish to use any samples, please check with judges first. Individual hits are generally okay but please no sampled phrases. Work should be predominately completed in Auxy. Additionally, this time around there will be no extensions for late entries. The deadlines will not be extended and you will be disqualified if you do not meet the deadline.


The two finalists will get a :unicorn: to display next to your username. The other semi finalists will also get unicorns. There will also be a repost for the winning track given by the Auxy Collective.

Always next time

Running tournaments is sort of a hobby of mine, so if you can’t enter this time around, it’s not too late. There will be a seventh Auxy Tournament.


Sign ups are now closed.


Good luck all! We will post the first challenge as soon as soon as we can after the tournament fills up.


YAAAY! I’ve been waiting for a super long time! I’m so excited! Thanks for bringing this back! (As you always do)


Boom. I’m signed up!


@DHO Is there a certain type of track we are supposed to be heading for? Like… for instance, a Christmas type song?

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I’m definitely in! Are we allowed to use drum breaks/percussion loops that I chop up in a different program on mobile?


How could I not sign up for this, these are so fun

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So long as you don’t use the preexisting pattern and only use the individual hits in your own loops.

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The challenges will be announced when the time comes.


ya know what

I’ll give it a shot

why not?


i loved the summer tournament so how could i not attempt this one? i think this’ll be a cool representative of improvement.
good luck everyone!


if i could make a special request, could i sign up as CLOME because ive since changed my name and i dont know how to change my username on the disco :frowning: if it’s too much of a hassle no worries.

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You have to sign up as Avilion just because we use @s on the Disco. Alternatively, you could contact a moderator and ask about changing your username.

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So a loop like this is not allowed? It’s not really an individual hit

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Did you write that drum pattern?

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No, I got it from a sample pack but I completely changed it in another music app

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Are the same kinds of samples I used last time valid? E.g. single instrument hits pitched to create melodies

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Riddim tracks be like:


You know I have to enter

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So, can you elaborate? What did you change?

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