[CONTEST] Auxy Winter Tournament 2K19!


You too! I loved your submission.


Started in 2018.


Thanks man, but you blew me out of the water dude yours was insane


Any chance we could get a single post of submissions for each round?

Keen to follow along, but I’m getting lost scrolling up and down…


what’s taking so long?


You both were too good


i got a 59 and still won, we both weren’t that good tbh (no offense @Xlimator i’m just basing it off of the ratings)


i still liked urs better than mine :joy:


Ah I see, lol.


@surf BIG OOF for me :). You did very good! I liked your entry.Good luck.Also I didn’t put any ambient so yeah :wink:. I shouldn’t put dance music there :joy:


I got 69 twice… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Did something go wrong with the judging? I swear yours was so much better than mine

And gg


That as your biggest problem, actually. We couldn’t really give you that many point because judging in creativity, even though you could say it was creative for ambient, the lack thereof made us not really be able to score you high in that category. Same for all others.


time to see if i made it or not


oh well i didnt lol. @Zeph GG! @ judges is there any specific things that made me lose that i could improve in my music in the future?


my creativity wasn’t that good tbh, i’ll definitely step it up in the next round tho

unless we have to make house music


Yeah I thought it was awesome!

But it definitely wasn’t a winter soundscape.


House can be creative!


Hey, all! Hugely sorry for the big delay in getting results out. As you know, we’ve been recovering from flu and pneumonia so there was a bit of a delay.

The Challenge

Last round, I noticed a lot of entries had really bland or overused chord progressions. Not all the entries, but there were a lot of entries that could have been great and were really let down by the chords. This round, I’d like everybody make use of chromatic mode to spice up your chord progressions. I recommend you spend some time really studying chord and harmony if you haven’t already. We’d like to hear at least eight different chords.

All tracks must be one minute or under. We’ve kind of exhausted our winter theme at this point, but I nonetheless encourage you to channel your inner winter in the compositional aspect.

The submissions are due by Saturday, February 25th, 5:00 PM Pacific Time. Post a SoundCloud link here. We will not accept private messages/private links.

The Competitors:

@Tolberto vs @crystldawnmusic
@Insolidarity vs @MrSerpent
@bedlegs vs @surf



(yes this is a complete sentence discourse!)