[CONTEST] Auxy Winter Tournament 2K19!


I hope you guys get better soon.


All the judges are sick? What are you guys doing hanging out in the same think tank?!


finally judging sorry lol



body seems unclear yes this is a complete sentence


Just finished mine as well! Again, I apologize for the delay guys.


And I will be finishing mine as soon as I get to a place I can listen.


Hey, all. In terms of the composition category, I will not be as forgiving of stock/bland chord progressions next round, especially if chords are the main focus. Please get creative! If you have two weeks to work on an entry and end up focusing it mainly on chords please don’t repeat the same four bland chords. You can repeat chords, of course, it just gets tiring if they’re nothing you haven’t heard many times before.

Obviously not everybody used boring stock chords, there were quite a few entries with some really cool ones, but I notice some entries that have so much potential are totally brought down by really common and boring chord progressions. Not meant to be rude or anything, just trying to be helpful.


I finished by judging now as well.




Sorry! It’s my fault guys. I’m getting to judging now. I should be done in the next 30 or so. Thanks for your patience!


The judging is done! You can expect results soon :smiley:


Results are being added as we speak. GG @MrSerpent (he destroyed me)


@Tolberto gg man

good luck with the next round :raised_hands:


GG @Matik! I can you wait to face @MrSerpent in the quarter finals (?)

It was a close fought battle


:sob: :sob: :sob:

One point :frowning:


Gg @crystldawnmusic


yes hi i am a part of this


I just realised, why does it say on the website that its 2k18? lol


Gg! Keep up the good work - you did great this tournament.


Good game!

Good luck with your next round! To everyone else as well :+1:t3: