[CONTEST] Auxy Winter Tournament 2K19!


No, it’s due tomorrow


Oh dang I thought it was due Yesterday



Here’s mine.


Here we go then

Just tried to make a warm but big sound and I hope I was able to semi do it.

It was inspired by gazing at the snow. From the indoors. Without touching the snow.


Ima listen to everyones now




Barely made it in time :sweat_smile:


Thank you to @stereofield and @crystldawn for the inspiration!


Did some more work on mine before it’s due. @MrSerpent’s is really good and I wanted to fix mine up a bit. I just replaced the file so it has the same link. But here it is too for convenience.


Looks like most of the entries are in, but just a reminder—entries are due tonight at 5 pm pacific time.

Also just a heads up, @DHO has been battling pneumonia, and I’ve been dealing with the flu so results may take a little longer than normal. Thank you for your patience!


Hope you guys feel better soon!


Praying you guys get better soon


Just made a cover for my round 2 track because it felt bland without one :ok_hand:t2:


When this contest ends it’s going to be the next Winter Tournament


Somewhat agree xD


Hope you guys get better :pray:


oh i should probably start judging shouldn’t i




I think they’re still sick, but an ETA would be helpful :smile:


Communication is not the strong suit of the Auxy community


I’m so sorry guys! We will hopefully have results by 5:45 Pacific Time on Sunday.